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We are proudly serving a diverse group of clients, which include large multi-discipline international companies, boutique architectural, engineering firms, builders and owners.

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Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality services and we strive to tackle your project with the type of effort that will keep you coming back over and over again. We are looking forward to making your project our next project.

BIM Management for AEC

We have experience managing large infrastructure projects with combined value of over $11 billion.

3D Modeling Services for AEC

We provide the AEC industry with everything from implementation services to 3D modeling.

Preventing Issues, Saving Money & Increasing Construction Efficiency.


The architects and designers drafted a home in 2D but were not aware of space limitations in the mechanical rooms of this 32,000 sq.ft home. The developer needed 100% accuracy prior to starting the build to prevent costly mistakes – both with time & money.

Our Plan & Outcome

We took the 2D drawing and built the home in 3D to outline the issues that would have arose mid-construction, specifically in the mechanical room.

There was originally not enough space in the 2D version of the mechanical room, so our team rebuilt the room in 3D alongside Terra Mechanical to ensure that the installation was flawless & accurate for their team.

No costly errors mid-build, no time wasted and most importantly – a flawless building plan for peace of mind and increased construction efficiency.

Experts At Our Craft

Our combined industry experience dates back to the year 2000, leading single and multi-disciplinary teams in projects ranging from a few million to multi-billion dollars in the Residential, Recreational, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Energy and Healthcare sectors.

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    Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services

    Our Management Includes:

    • Project Setup
    • Experts in BIM 360 Cloud Collaboration Management
    • Training and Support
    • Development of BIM Execution Plans Utilizing Cloud Based Plannerly
    • Autodesk Revit Multidiscipline Training and Support
    • Project Standards Management
    • 3D Model Data Management and Extraction
    • Scan to BIM

    Revit Multi-Discipline & 3D Modeling Services

    With over 20 years of experience & adaptation in the industry, we are experts in Revit Multi-Discipline & 3D Modeling Services. We have lead teams in Residential, Recreational, Commercial…

    Autodesk Revit Services
    • Multidiscipline Training and Support
    • Company Drawing Standards Transfer from AutoCAD to Revit
    • Project Template Development
    • Family Development
    3D Modeling for Architecture & Engineering
    • 3D model-based Construction Document production
    • 3D model-based Coordination and Clash Detection
    • BIM deliverables adherence
    3D Modeling for Construction
    Develop as designed 3D models from PDF, CAD, DWG formats for:
    • Coordination
    • Quantity Take-offs
    • Construction Timeline Simulation
    • Assist construction trades in the layout and routing of piping, conduits, equipment, and others.
    Scan to Bim

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